The decision of the European Ombudsman on her own-initiative concerning transparency in TTIP was published on 7 January 2015. The message is clear: the European Commission needs to increase the transparency of the TTIP negotiations.

On 22 December 2014 four Serbian teacher unions organized an all-out one day strike in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia. The one-day strike was preceded by five weeks of action where classes were reduced from 45 to 30 minutes. This is the second wave of strike action by the Serbian teachers: In October 2014 more than 3000 Serbian teachers participated in a series of protest actions which also culminated with a one day strike on 22 October 2014.

After the four week lock out of Danish teachers in 2013, the Danish Union of Teachers filed a complaint against the Danish government with the ILO. The Danish government pushed a bill through which terminated the lock out but only upheld the employers' interests and requirements.

On 26 November, the European Commission has announced the Investment Plan for Europe, which is foreseen to boost investments in support of jobs and growth. The Plan will be endorsed by the European leaders during their meeting in Brussels next 18-19 December 2014. The Plan is the outcome of an established partnership between the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. It intends to mobilise €315 billion in additional investments over the next three years, maximising the impact of public resources and unlocking private investments. It also identifies targeted initiatives to make sure that investment finance reaches the real economy in the field of infrastructures: broadband and energy networks, transport, education, research and innovation, renewable energy and efficiency.

Teacher trade unions in Europe support the aim of the European High Level Conference Education in the Digital Era to improve education via digital tools. Together with the Italian Presidency, the European Commission invited high level representatives from European Education Ministries and other stakeholders in education to discuss education in the digital era. The conference, which took place in Brussels on December 11, evolved around three topics: Increasing the quality and relevance of learning, increasing the Impact of educators and addressing inequalities through better access and lower costs.

Negotiators from the European Union and the United States met in Brussels on 10-14 March to continue the controversial talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). At the TTIP chief negotiators' briefing on 12 March, the US chief negotiator stated that the US aims to include education into the scope of the agreement. ETUCE together with the European Students' Union sent out a press release expressing concerns about the potential impact of a proposed EU-US free trade deal.