The Spanish ETUCE member organisation FE.CCOO  and FELGTB, the Spanish Federation of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transsexual people, have presented a guideline targeted at adolescent students, teachers and families about raising awareness of sexual and gender affective diversity. These guidelines were presented as various stories in a comic format with an emphasis on gender diverse characters in order to draw attention to the importance of creating a safe environment in schools for LGBT individuals.

The report of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission ‘Can digital technologies help reduce the migrant-native educational achievement gap?’ (2018) explores the access to digital technologies of 15 year olds and whether digital technologies can have an impact in decreasing the educational achievement gap between students from a migrant background and native students.

A recent EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s report on ‘Transition from Education to Employment of Young Roma in Nine EU Member States’ (July 2018) explores the factors that are holding Roma back from receiving a good education and jobs. The analysis (2011-2017) focuses on nine EU Member States: Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

After several vocal protest actions and strikes the situation in primary education has not yet improved in the Netherlands. As a consequence, another regional strike, the fifth in row, is taking place today on 12 September 2018 in the South West region of the Netherlands as announced by AOb.

On the occasion of its meeting on 10 September 2018, PSZ – SEHUN’s Executive Committee discussed the activities regarding the organisation of the trade union’s Congress, to be held late September 2018. Indeed, this 30th Congress will elect members to the vacant seats of both the Supervisory Board and the Ethics Committee. SEHUN invited József Bódis, Education advisor of the Ministry of Human Capacities, who will also give an address to the delegates during the Congress.

On Saturday, 8 September 2018, ETUCE member organisation, the Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosovo (SBASHK), staged a warning strike to demand a pay rise for teachers in front of the buildings of the Government of Kosovo. According to the education trade union, the government did not keep its promises to increase teachers’ and other education personnel’s salaries: The government had not adjusted the position of education personnel in the salary ranking which the Bill on Salaries in the public sector determines.