In his communication of 12 April 2017 to ETUCE, Mesut FIRAT, Eğitim Sen’s General Secretary, said: “Today, the most important for us is to share information with the education trade union movement and the public. We are in a process of further strengthening our ties with EGITIM-SEN-friendly organisations”.

According to the latest figures provided by Eğitim Sen, out of 105,000 public employees dismissed from their duties, education personnel represent 39,016 people. 1,489 dismissed education personnel are affiliated to the union.

As a result of the emergency decree No. 685, a State of Emergency Procedures Investigation Commission has been established to assess and take decisions on applications made within the scope of decree laws. Addressing his colleagues in Brussels during the ETUCE spring Committee meeting, Kamuran KARACA, President of Eğitim Sen, emphasised that “despite the announcement of the establishment of the State of Emergency Procedures Investigation Commission, in reality, it has not been functioning yet. This situation blocks the legal procedures in the country”.

Nevertheless, through its efforts and international support, Eğitim Sen has been able to help 10,407 suspended education personnel return to their duties. The union provides legal assistance to education employees regardless of their affiliation to the union.

There is an urgent need to maintain pressure on the Turkish government to put an end to injustice and practices violating fundamental values and principles”, concluded Kamuran KARACA.