On 6-7 February 2017, the second open hearing on the 10 October 2015 bomb attacks, took place in Ankara, Turkey. The devastating suicide bombings amidst the rally “Labour, Democracy and Freedom” had caused 101 deaths and left more than 500 people injured. Among the victims were many trade unionists. Seven active members of EĞITIM-SEN lost their lives in the attack.

The rally had been organised by civil society organisations, trade unions, including the EI/ETUCE member organisation EĞİTİM-SEN, the Turkish Confederation of Public Workers’ Unions (KESK), the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DISK) and political parties in Ankara.

Over 100.000 participants to the rally had raised their voices against the war and taken a stand for peace after the Turkish government had abandoned the negotiations for a peaceful solution for the Kurdish issue. The first open hearing session had taken place on 7-11 November 2016. The February hearing gathered approximately 400 people, including representatives from EĞITIM-SEN and other ETUCE member organisations, including from GEW. The bereaved and survivors who also united in an association “Association 10 October – Peace and Solidarity” met for a rally in front of the court house and held up pictures of the victims. The trial was interrupted for the collection of more evidence and the evaluation of the survivors’ and relatives’ of the victims testimonies. The hearing is to be resumed at the beginning of May 2017.

ETUCE continues to closely monitor the further development of the open hearing.