The beginning of the series of strikes covering education employees at all education levels in Kosovo on 14 January 2019 was marked by large support from the Kosovar education employees. SBASHK reports that the sound action since date has already led to an increase in the number of the trade union membership.“Education employees, who until now, had not been organised in the trade union, have now become members of the SBASHK family. It seems that the entire Kosovar education system is on strike”, stated SBASHK.

Today, is the beginning of a series of strikes in Kosovo organised by ETUCE member organisation in Kosovo, SBASHK.In September 2018, the Government of Kosovo approved a Law on Salaries which foresees new coefficients for the calculation of salaries. According to SBASHK, the adopted Law, which the union strongly criticises, not only places public employees in education in an unequal position in comparison with other employees in the public sector, it also explicitly places them below other professions.

The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the Union of Education in Norway are hosting an International Conference entitled Early Childhood Education and Care The Nordic Way in Oslo 26-27 March 2019. Given the increased interest in pedagogies that support children’s formation of broad life-skills and democratic citizenship and the Nordic mastery of this topic, this conference aims to showcase Nordic ECEC policy and pedagogy to a wider international audience of politicians, policy makers, researchers and practitioners.

On November 12th 2018, the Gender Equality Taskforce Action Plan for Higher Education 2018-2020 was launched by Irish Minister for Higher Education, Ms. Mitchell O’Connor. In addition to this Action Plan, the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative has been launched, which foresees the creation of 45 senior academic posts for women in Higher Education colleges nationwide.

The two-year-long Get Up (Gender Equality Training to Overcome Unfair Discrimination Practices in the Education and Labour market) has recently come to a close, marked by its final conference A Gender Story which took place in Rome 5 December 2018. Given the relevance of this project’s objectives to the education trade union movement, ETUCE European Director, Susan Flocken, presented on the gender pay gap in the teaching profession during the final conference, enlightening participants on ETUCE’s gender-focused resolutions and action plans as well as on our current project Empowering education trade unions to address gender equality in the teaching profession through social dialogue.

The International day of Migrants is celebrated on the 18 December, a day which recognises the diversity of the 258 million migrants in our world today. Migrants are a vital part of our society, contributing to the economic, social and cultural development for societies across the world. Despite this, migrants are still experiencing an alarming amount of hostility and discrimination.For ETUCE and its member organisations solidarity with migrants is key to an inclusive world which embraces and celebrates diversity.