The FSU, the main trade union in the education sector in France and its affiliates including ETUCE member organisations SNES-FSU, SNESUP-FSU and SNUipp-FSU have called for a strike and joint manifestations on 9 April 2015 to protest against austerity measures and their disastrous effects on public services and on education in particular.

The unions denounce the continuous austerity measures implemented by the government for which workers seem to bear the costs. They believe that these policies are weakening the public services which are essential especially in times of the economic and social crisis to develop social cohesion and tackle inequalities. Among these measures, the increase of the pensions' share taken from gross salaries has for example reduced the purchasing power of public servants making it less attractive to work in public services. In addition, the cuts in the education sector are in total contradiction with the priority set by the government which is to support youth and their interests.

Among others, the unions demand to put an end to austerity policies, to increase wages and to stop redundancies. They call for support to the public services and for the defence and promotion of decent working conditions and the status of the public service professions.

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