On the occasion of its meeting on 10 September 2018, PSZ – SEHUN’s Executive Committee discussed the activities regarding the organisation of the trade union’s Congress, to be held late September 2018. Indeed, this 30th Congress will elect members to the vacant seats of both the Supervisory Board and the Ethics Committee. SEHUN invited József Bódis, Education advisor of the Ministry of Human Capacities, who will also give an address to the delegates during the Congress.

During the Executive Committee meeting, SEHUN President Zsuzsa Szabó reported on the latest activities held since the last meeting of the committee and on the relations formed during the various meetings held with representatives of all ministries involved in the Hungarian education system.

At the end of this year, PSZ- SEHUN will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The Executive Committee agreed that the jubilee will be celebrated a little later, in February 2019.