On the night of 14 July 2016 in Nice, the terrible attack has taken innocent people’s lives and injured many people among whom are teachers and many children. ETUCE is in deep shock and expresses its profound condolences for the families of the victims of this inhuman act. In deep and sincere sympathy with the French people, ETUCE calls upon its member organisations to continue the promotion of peace and reinforce their determination to tackle and prevent through education all forms of violence, aggression, radicalism and discrimination which lead to extremism and terrorism.

Developing societies based on the values of non-violence, mutual respect, tolerance and mutual understanding is only possible when education is considered as a principal key instrument for shaping a fair society consisting of open-minded, democratic citizens who are able to establish meaningful dialogues. The transmission and protection of universal human rights and values and the creation of more equal environments and better living conditions that benefit learning and life chances in a diverse society should occur from early childhood and continue throughout lifetime.

Therefore, ETUCE urges its member organisations to redouble their efforts and contribute actively to the promotion of education as one of the central pillars of the development of sustainable and democratic societies.

In this moment of grief ETUCE’s  thoughts are with all the innocent victims and their families.