Eurofound has published the preliminary results of its Sixth European Working Condition Survey. The survey gives a comprehensive overview about the developments of the working conditions across sectors, including the education sector, in Europe since 1990. The summary and the infographic of the recent survey provides information about the developments from 2010 to 2015 and reflects the working conditions in 35 countries of 43 000 workers. The publications show a diverse picture, explaining for example that the employment level is still lower than before the crisis and that the work intensity of blue-collar workers has increased. Furthermore the findings show that although gender segregation declined; women still tend to work longer paid and unpaid working hours and are less represented in decision-making positions than men. One of six workers have experienced adverse social behaviour, such as violence and harassment and 7 % have suffered under discrimination at the workplace – which means that the number of psychological violent incidences increased since the last survey in 2010.

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