On 11 October 2017, ETUCE and EFEE met with the education social partners in Utrecht, the Netherlands, at the occasion of the third round table of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue in Education (ESSDE) Capacity building Project III. The meeting gathered the leaders of education trade unions (AOb, host and partner to the project, FNV O&O, CNV Onderwijs), employers’ organisations (PO-raad, MBO-raad, VO-raad, VSNU Universities) and school leaders (AVS) in the Netherlands.

On the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day (5th October 2017), UESCK-SBASHK, ETUCE member organisation in Kosovo, organised several events to commemorate the teaching profession both in Kosovo and worldwide. A thematic conference entitled "Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers" gathered around 163 representatives from education trade unions from across the country. Inter alia, representatives from the Confederation of Trade Union of Kosovo, trade union activists from the Kosovar and Albanian federations as well as representatives from the Parent Council of Kosovo. The delegation of government officials was headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Prof. Dr. Enver Hoxhaj.

Marking the beginning of a new academic year, the European Commission has published a report on the European countries’ progress towards reducing child poverty and social exclusion and promoting child well-being. The report analyses national policies and investment strategies regarding the implementation of the 2013 EU Recommendation on “Investing in children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage” and proposes a series of recommendations linking them to the recent European Commission establishing a European Pillar of Social Rights.

On 5 October 2017, the European Commission has published a new initiative entitled European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships. In welcoming the long-awaited initiative, ETUCE echoes the message of the European trade union movement, especially with regards to the achievement that this European Framework represents.

On the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day (5th October 2017), Spanish trade unions, ETUCE member organisations, FE.CCOO and FESP-UGT, have reclaimed this year’s World Teachers’ Day theme - “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” as an opportunity to defend the principles of professional autonomy and empowerment as vital principles to enable teachers to carry out their profession to its fullest potential.

On the annual World Teachers Day (5th October 2017), two of the ETUCE member organisations in Greece, OLME and DOE, joined forces and took action to stand up for teachers and other education personnel. OLME and DOE organised a demonstration to make their demands heard, which include recruiting teachers on permanent contracts; two years of compulsory pre-school education; upgrade of education for children and youth with disabilities; more support for VET schools and equal rights for  teachers employed on fixed-term contracts.