Our Central Asian Consortium Project in Tajikistan brings together Иттифоки Касабаи Маориф (TUESWRT) and Sweden’s Lärarförbundet to train a new generation of teacher activists. TUESWRT, Lärarförbundet and ETUCE are working together to train grassroots trade union leaders in Tajikistan. The project’s mid-term conference gave us two days of dynamic and interactive discussions, and the project partners are energised for the next phase!

The Independent Trade Union of Primary Education Workers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an ETUCE member organisation, was campaigning to push authorities in Una-Sana Canton to follow a collective agreement they had already signed. The union was left with no option but a general strike. This forced the employer to back down and eventually comply with clauses of the collective agreement at the end of September 2019.

The European Commission has published two reports from Eurydice on the organisation of school time and the academic year in Europe. With national data from 38 European countries*, the reports show considerable variations in the length of the school and university year, as well as different holiday periods. The figures offer a useful snapshot, although it is important to remember that education personnel spend significant time working outside of official teaching hours.

A carefully built inclusive learning environment is the basis of education which meets the needs and interests of all learners and education personnel regardless of their background. As the student population and wider society grow increasingly diverse, a variety of challenges emerge for schools, teachers, school leaders, other education personnel and employers in education. A new ETUCE-EFEE-ESHA joint statement on Inclusive Schools Within the Context of Diverse Societies outlines five key elements.

Migrant women in the EU still face a wide range of challenges both in education and employment. Discrimination linked to their migratory status, ethnic background and gender means that their full integration into European society is not always easy. A newly published report from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), which focuses on migrant women, offers interesting new information about this issue.

Young people are demanding meaningful political action on environmental issues, with protests around the globe. How should education trade unions engage with the climate crisis?