The Federation of Secondary School Teachers of Greece, OLME, one of the ETUCE’s member organisations in Greece, held its 18th Congress from 30 June to 2 July 2017 in Athens. Representatives from ETUCE member organisations in Cyprus, France, Germany, Serbia, Spain and Turkey participated in a landmark event.

The research paper Gender Equality Plans in the private and public sectors in the European Union prepared for the European Parliament's Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality, maps out the existing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in the EU Member States and analyses the impact that GEPs have on the economic situation of women in the EU. The research focused particularly on cases of Austria and Spain and included the analysis of GEPs in the higher education and research sector.

Eurydice report Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017 published in June 2017, reveals the current realities for academic educators and researchers within the context of recent significant changes in the higher education sector. The report covers higher education systems in 35 countries in Europe and focuses on the qualification requirements for academic staff, working conditions in the higher education institutions, the impact of external quality assurance, and top level strategies for internationalisation.

A recently published OECD report Starting Strong 2017: Key Indicators on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) shows that even though the universal access to at least one year of ECEC has become a norm, many challenges regarding its funding, quality and affordability, teachers working conditions and curriculum design still prevail in the sector.

According to the European Parliament Resolution on Ending female genital mutilation (2012), an estimated 500,000 women living in the EU have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) and 180,000 girls and women are at risk of undergoing this procedure every year. The most common age of girls subjected to FGM is 14 and younger.

On 29-30 June 2017, Christine Blower, ETUCE President, and Susan Flocken, European Director, took part in the conference “The Role of Trade Union in Realisation of Social Partnership” in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The conference was organised under the auspices of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Republic Tajikistan, TUESRT, ETUCE member organisation in Tajikistan. Dozens of representatives from region and oblast trade union organisations, higher education institutions as well as representatives from the Tajik Ministry of Education and Science participated in the conference.