ETUCE, the official campaign partner of EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Occupational Health and Safety, also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the EU-OSHA NAPO, the animated character of EU-OSHA, who promotes and disseminates OSH quality information all over Europe in a didactic way.

The General Workers' Union (UGT) and Labour Commissions (CCOO) condemned the brutal attack committed Thursday 17th August, in Barcelona and Cambrils. UGT and CCOO call on workers to join today, Friday 18th of August, at 12:00, a minute of silence at the entrance of their working centres to show their solidarity with the victims and their commitment to peace, justice, tolerance, and democracy.

The Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs from the European Commission has recently launched a public consultation on EU legislation on the legal migration of non-EU citizens, which aims to collect evidence, opinions and relevant data to support the European Commission’s evaluation of the existing EU legal framework for the legal entry and residence of nationals of non-EU countries to the EU Member States (legal migration).

On 13 July 2017, a mutual meeting of ČMOS PŠ and the Trade Union of Workers in Higher and Academic Education was held in Prague. The meeting was attended by the president of Czech Rectors Conference, prof. T. Zima, and the president of the Council of Universities and Colleges, doc. J. Fischer. The topic of the meeting were recent changes, which have been introduced together with the planned Ministry of Education budget in the framework of the national budget for the Czech republic for the year 2018.

ETUCE member organisation report that in several countries, teachers and trainers in Work-Based Learning (WBL) play an essential role: for example, they find companies for apprentices, participate in the assessment of the apprenticeship, and can monitor the learning of the apprentice. However, according to the recent report by the European Commission on Teachers and trainers in work-based learning/apprenticeships, until now, specific role and working context of the diverse types of teachers and trainers active in WBL have not been well defined in the legal frameworks.

The Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia, ESFTUG, ETUCE member organisation in Georgia, announced that starting from 16 June 2017 all public school teachers are entitled to sick-leave compensation amounting to full salary. The education trade union reported that public school teachers’ sick leave, including benefits, to which  teachers were entitled too, had not been compensated on their full salaries, notwithstanding the fact that it had been prescribed by the law since 2010.