Following the series of strikes at primary education level, the secondary education level  kicks off actions in the Netherlands. While the actions in primary education are still running –primary education teachers from the South of the Netherlands took the baton and will go on strike on 13 April 2018 -  the pressure is also building up amongst teachers in secondary education. AOb reports that as a consequence of the fast growing shortage of teachers, mainly due to low salaries and high workload, the primary education sector has been prioritised.

On 27-28 March, 2018 a high level international conference took place in Sofia  organised jointly  by the Bulgarian Unions of Teachers, Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria, and ETUCE. The conference, entitled “Supporting young teachers as a tool of quality education – Attracting, recruiting, and training of effective entry-year teachers in education” focused on providing solutions on how to support young teachers.

The unprecedented threats against the public service, the refusal to take into consideration pay issues and working conditions, and the announcement of regressive reforms (high school, high school diploma, etc.) lead public services workers, including education personnel to widely mobilise on 22 March 2018 in France.

On 15 March 2018, the European Council adopted the European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships . According to ETUCE a step in the right direction. ETUCE is pleased with the initiative, in particular because the Council Recommendation includes several key aspects of the ETUC proposals that were developed jointly with ETUCE. For example, the need for involvement of social partners in the design, governance and implementation of apprenticeship systems.

On 19 to 20 March 2018, the members of the ETUCE Committee met in Brussels for their spring meeting. ETUCE President Christine Blower congratulated David Edwards on his appointment as EI  General Secretary by the Executive Board until the EI Congress 2019, praising Fred Van Leeuwen, Emeritus EI General Secretary for his work. Addressing the ETUCE Committee, David Edwards framed the shared vision for EI, in a world where complexity is increasing at a very fast pace, EI is even more committed “to analyse, realise, contextualise, strategise, communicate and mobilise”, he concluded. Christine Blower then welcomed new ETUCE Committee members Ilze Prizevoite, LIZDA, for the country seat of Latvia, Ronald Gangl, GÖD for the country seat of Austria replacing Helmut Skala, and Ghenadie Donos, ESTUFM, for the country seat of Moldova.

In the context of the EU-funded project “EU CONVINCE – EU Common Values Inclusive Education”, ETUCE as coordinating partner of the consortium with EFEE (European Federation of Education Employers) and ESHA (European School Heads Association) and requires 3 contractors providing an external and objective scientific perspective on research (i.e. researcher for an online survey); on online teacher training (i.e. MOOC-Massive Open Online Course); and on project impact assessment (i.e. evaluator) on Citizenship Education, Democracy, EU Common values and Inclusive Education.