On Saturday, 8 September 2018, ETUCE member organisation, the Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosovo (SBASHK), staged a warning strike to demand a pay rise for teachers in front of the buildings of the Government of Kosovo. According to the education trade union, the government did not keep its promises to increase teachers’ and other education personnel’s salaries: The government had not adjusted the position of education personnel in the salary ranking which the Bill on Salaries in the public sector determines.

Following the ETUCE Copyright conference on 11 April 2018, funded by the EUIPO, the European Office for Intellectual Property. ETUCE has been admitted as a new member to the “European Intellectual Property in Education network”. Following the Intellectual Property and education in Europe study, the IP in Education Network was set up in 2016 in Alicante (Spain), aiming to discuss how to encourage and enhance creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among European educators and students. Occasionally, they offer policy guidance and teacher training in the field of IP in education.

The negotiations between the Latvian government officials and ETUCE member organisation, LIZDA, at the Parliament Coalition Cooperation Board on 28 August 2018, have led to a consensus on the trade union demands to raise education personnel's salary. Feeling the pressure from LIZDA and in light of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the government officials agreed to find funding in order to raise the minimum education personnel’s salary equivalent to 710 Euros by September 2018.

The following ERASMUS+ on-line platforms can provide support for teachers and school leaders who work with large numbers of newly arrived migrant pupils. eTwinning is a platform where school staff (teachers, school leaders and other education personnel) meet to communicate, collaborate and develop projects and virtual exchanges together with their students. With a strong focus on intercultural learning and active citizenship, the eTwinning community can inspire teachers working with migrants.

Today teachers and education trade unions in Serbia are demonstrating for decent salaries and comprehensive social dialogue in education in front of the buildings of the Ministry of Education, the Serbian government and the Ministry of State and Local Administration. The unions report that the positions of the Law on Salaries in the public sector, which are to come into effect at the beginning of 2019, rank salaries for education personnel in the eighth salary group, when the salary for other public sector employees with similar levels of qualifications is to be allocated under the ninth salary group.

The 2018/19 academic year begins tensely in Latvia. Last week, the Latvian Educational and Scientific Workers’ Trade union (LIZDA), ETUCE member organisation in Latvia, reported a reluctance of its government to fully implement the provisions of the Education Law and the Teachers’ Salary Increase Schedule. By signing the agreement stipulating monthly increase in education personnel’s salary in accordance with the Teachers’ Salary Increase Schedule on 9 January 2018, the Latvian government made an explicit commitment to implement and respect its provisions.